It’s an exciting time for cannabis in Canada - but what does that really mean for consumers and producers? In this new web series, we explore how various communities in Vancouver - and their counterparts nationwide - are impacted by legalization. This is VANNABIS 101!


VANNABIS 101 is a six-part, cutting edge mini-documentary series that was Co-produced by Storyhero Media & Novus TV.  The series debuted in September 2018, with one episode released per week, leading up to October 17th Legalization Day.


The series features a plethora of Vancouver cannabis activists and experts including: Dana Larsen, Hilary Black, Andrea Dobbs, Jeremy Jacobs, Travis Lane, Piper Courtenay, Amanda Siebert, Siobhan McCarthy, Mike Babins and many more. 


Watch all six episodes of VANNABIS 101 here:


Vancouver’s Culture of Cannabis  - In our Premier episode, we show how and why Vancouver became known as the birthplace of the cannabis movement in Canada. BC's biggest city is home to a lively culture that inspired cannabis activism, evolution and eventually legalization all across Canada. But how did it all start and why did it happen here?

This is #VANNABIS 101.


The Grey Market - In the first episode that was produced, we uncover the trials and tribulations both consumers and producers will face following legalization and how that will directly impact BC’s thriving cannabis culture. We dig deep into what will happen when commonly used products such as edibles, extracts and topicals will no longer be available the way they are today. This is #VANNABIS101.


Dispensary Disconnect - In episode 3 we dive deep into the disconnect that Vancouver's culture of cannabis is feeling as legalization becomes a reality. We explore the impact that the law change will make in the diversity of products, growers, price and how legal products will need to effectively compete with the current market in order to reduce “illegal” behaviour. This is #VANNABIS101.


Medicinal Movement  - In Episode 4 of VANNABIS 101 we ask, would you rather take chemically produced antibiotics or an all natural plant-based product? We uncover the healing powers of Medical Marijuana by talking to cannabis experts, from advocates to scientists to cancer patients. In this series, we explore how various communities in Vancouver - and their counterparts nationwide - will be impacted by legalization - This is #VANNABIS101.


Feminine Focus  - We explore what legalization means for women in Vancouver. In Episode 5: Feminine Focus, we chat with influential women in our city working directly with Cannabis to get their take. Find out how they deal with negative stereotypes, what symptoms they treat with this magical plant and why the future of Cannabis is female! This is #VANNABIS 101.


The First Legal Cannabis Shop  - It’s been a wild ride for Cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver. The irony of the October 17th Legalization Day is that there were ZERO outlets to legally access cannabis in Vancouver. Yet in January 2019 Evergreen Cannabis Society was granted the first legal license in Vancouver. Join Novus TV's Wade Jordan Wade for this historic occasion as he checks out Vancouver's first LICENSED dispensary!

This is #VANNABIS 101.